Feather abnormalities caused by Circo virus – Apr 2021

By Dr Rob Conradie

The photo above shows three normal feathers on the left and seven abnormal feathers on
the right.
Note that the feather shaft where it would have entered the follicle in the skin has been
“pinched”. These feathers would either fall out or be pulled out very easily.
The more common symptoms of Circo virus (probably the main cause of Young Bird Disease)
 Vomition
 Diarrhoea
 Anorexia
 Delayed crop emptying
 Listlessness
 Excessive thirst
 Rapid weight loss and death in many cases
The feather changes shown in the photo above aid in making a diagnosis in many cases.
Fret marks may also be seen with Circo but Paramyxo virus is more likely to cause fret marks
on the feather and shaft giving a “grizzling” effect.

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