The ultimate single dose treatment for Coccidiosis in pigeons and raptors. 

  • Diclazuril, the active ingredient in Coximed, is the safest and most effective treatment against Coccidiosis in pigeons and raptors.
  • One tablet dosed to pigeons will cure up to 98% of Coccidiosis cases.
  • It is recommended that “youngsters” be dosed with Coximed after weaning.
  • Alternate with Medicox to prevent resistance build-up.
  • Highly cost-effective.  More affordable than other single dose tablets.
  • Double strength tablet.

See microscopic picture below (courtesy of Dr Colin Walker) showing coccidiosis appearing as the large bubble in the middle.  What appears as the smaller surrounding bubbles attach to each other is candida.


Available size: 100 tablets

CONTAINS: Diclazuril    5 mg



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