Reg. Nr. V10853  Act 36 of 1947 

Pet Calm - natural product for nervous or highly strung dogs- with serotonin

A special blend of nutrients that aids in reducing stress in pets that are normally relatively nervous or highly-strung.

  • Natural product formulated from high quality natural ingredients, in a palatable formula.
  • Contains no drugs and is not habit-forming.
  • Pet Calm's combination of natural nutrients assists a naturally-occurring process that allows for the rapid synthesis of serotonin for use in the brain.

  • The animal's metabolic system utilises the ingredients to increase the production of serotonin. 
  • Serotonin is a central neuro-transmitter in the brain with the following effects: sedative, modulating pain perception, inhibitory effect on aggression, improvement in depression and anxiety.
  • Recommended for pets with a nervous disposition, where a possible deficiency of serotonin or B-Group vitamins is suspected.

  • Particularly recommended where poor behaviour is associated with nervousness and excessive excitability; and where pet owners require a natural calmative to counteract stress and calm the nervous system.
  • Has also been found to be helpful in cases of aggression or pining.
  • Because this product is based on natural ingredients and is dependent upon each individual's metabolic system, the effective dosage can vary considerably.  Some dogs need to consume a higher ratio of the product for positive results.


Available size: 250g

CONTAINS:  Tryptophan amino acid, B-Group vitamins, minerals, naturally-occurring chemicals