Reg. Nr. G3045 Act 36 of 1947

Medipox - Medpet - best vaccine for Pigeon Pox

The new live, freeze-dried vaccine, for vaccination of pigeons of 5 weeks and older, against dry and wet pigeon pox.

  • Effective against dry and wet pigeon pox.

  • Contains unmodified field strains of pox virus, which induces protection against pox in pigeons.  

  • Supplied as a kit with needle, syringe, and applicator.

  • The "follicle method", along with use of the included special applicator, is strongly recommended for best results.  Detailed CD is available (limited stock) showing the different effects of different vaccination methods, OR, click here to open a new window with a YouTube link to the Medipox application video.

Available size: 100 Doses