29 June 2004

Dear Pigeon Dealer

It has come under our attention that pigeon fanciers are experiencing major problems with 2 diseases. These diseases appear to be widely spread across the country and Medpet has been inundated with calls from desperate fanciers. Please circulate this letter to your clients:

Young bird diarrhea

Symptoms are green, grey diarrhea, pigeons losing weight and fatalities. This disease is a combination of Circo virus, Adeno virus and E.coli appears on its own or in any combination of the above three diseases.

The following treatment regime is recommended:

7 days Medimune over food as well as Mediprim in the water. Continue with the Medimune for an additional 3 days.

Sick pigeons must be isolated in separate baskets, away from other pigeons. Sick pigeons must also be treated with Medimune and Mediprim as well as Medilyte until diarrhea stops. As soon as the diarrhea stops the Medilyte can be discontinued. It is vital to disinfect water bowls, feeders and lofts.

The treatment will not have any adverse effect on racing performance. Fanciers must stop all other treatments but can continue with usual vitamins and probiotics.

One eye cold

Symptoms are the eye that appears red, infected and swollen. Scientific trials showed that it is an infection combined of Chlamydia (Ornithosis) and Mycoplasmosis. Baytril, Chlortetracycline, usual Tetracyclines such as Terramycin and Aureomycin as well as eye drops WILL NOT CURE these diseases.

The following treatment regime is recommended:

7 days Doxybiotic (double strength) combined with Tylobiotic at the normal dose i.e. 10 g per litre Doxybiotic / 5 g per litre Tylobiotic. Continue with the Doxybiotic at normal dose (5 g per litre) for an additional 3 days.

Pigeons infected must be isolated from loft and must be treated with Doxybird tablets for 20 days (in addition to above program). If symptoms disappear after 10 days these pigeons can be returned to loft but the Doxybird must be continued for the full 20 days.

This treatment will affect the racing performance marginally but is completely justified to continue with races as long as the clinically affected birds are not basketed.

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