Medpet product re-launch…

Reg. Nr. G3045 Act 36 of 1947

November 2010

Medpet is proud to notify pigeon fanciers of our our brand new, improved version of Medipox vaccine.

Medipox vaccine
Medpet was made aware of difficulties some fanciers were having with the Pox virus, and their success in combating it with the vaccines on the market.  Many people were having no problems with Medipox at all, and yet other fanciers made mention of issues with getting the vaccine to "take", or even pox-related problems after an apparent "take".  With so many variables, such as differing storage methods, vaccination methods, talk of new strains, and limited feedback from people who had heard "from a friend, from another friend who was having problems with the vaccine", things were not completely straight-forward.  Whilst new strains would not ordinarily be expected to be an issue, there were suspicions from people in-the-know that new strains could have been introduced by foreign vaccines being illegally smuggled into the country and effectively “releasing” new strains through vaccination!  

The team involved with Medpet's Medipox vaccine spent countless hours, and even some sleepless nights, checking, investigating, running titration tests, experimenting with different vaccination methods, and researching and testing potential changes to the product.

The result is our new live Medipox vaccine …
-    freeze dried to make it more stable and to help reduce the effect of exposure to temperature variation,
-    including a variety of unmodified field strains of pox virus
-    supplied as a kit, in addition to the syringe and needle, with a special applicator as recommended to be used with the recommended follicle method (try it and see the difference, or ask us for a CD that you can play on your computer to show you the different methods and how effective each one is)

Reports have been coming in from satisfied fanciers around the country, delighted that they have seen the best result in years.

We encourage responsible vaccination in the hope that people will continue to see good results.

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