Medpet extends its geographic tentacles


Medpet is rapidly making its presence felt further and further afield through exports and companies who are queuing-up to become Medpet distribution agents in foreign countries.


Proud to be a pioneering South African company, Medpet is equally proud to see how well received our products are overseas.  In establishing the reasons behind the growing demand for our products in countries across the globe, the overwhelming themes that come through time-and-again are Quality and Cost … the products are Quite Contrarily rich in the former and low in the latter!


Initially (from the 1980’s) the focus was on satisfying local needs, where there was a demand for both innovative products as well as high quality generics, but at a low cost (especially compared to imported medicines).  But then, Kuwait began ordering products from Medpet’s pigeon range in 1996, and so began the company’s exports. 


Since that exciting day, the company’s global reach has extended further and wider, as indicated on the map.  Medpet has now either exported to, or has an operating agent in, the following territories:






Medpet now has a dedicated Export Team, headed-up by Joanne van Heerden. A mother of two, Joanne knows what it means to be busy.  Maintaining and ever-busier export department, she now hardly has time to breathe!


There is a broad range of product-types that are exported. Medpet’s range of medicines and nutraceuticals for Pigeons (racing pigeons and fancy pigeons) make up the largest volume of the company’s exports.  However, the Companion Animal range is catching up!  The three Mediworm products and the natural arthritic preventative Arthrimed have been recognised for their high quality and excellent value. Hence these are the lines in highest demand outside of South Africa in the “furry pet” category.