Medpet’s commitment to continuous research and development has resulted in the development of two new products for the use in pigeons. Although these products share the names of current products namely Medimune powder and Lewerstim, they are in fact improvements of the above products. These two products are supplied in an easy to dose tablet form specifically for the use in single pigeons. The tablets have been formulated in such a way that they are ideal for treating ill pigeons.

The use of water – or food administered products are not always ideal when pigeons are extremely sick, as the food and water intake often diminishes to such an extent that the pigeon’s do not take in enough of the medication.

The fact that the tablets have been formulated for ill pigeons and not only as part of a preventative program has resulted in the inclusion of many more active ingredients, specifically indicated for use during disease conditions.


Each tablet contains:

Beta 1,3 D Glucan - 2 mg

B-Carotene 10% - 1 mg

Calcium Ascorbate - 50 mg

Grape Seed Extract 95% - 5 mg

Grapefruit Seed Extract 95% - 5 mg

Description of active ingredients:

Beta Glucan is a unique, well proven immune stimulant that has been used in Medimune powder with incredible success for many years. It stimulates the white blood cells in the body to become more active and to be able to kill more bacteria and viruses. Beta-carotene is the natural source of Vitamin A and is known to be an excellent aid in improving the function of the immune system. Calcium Ascorbate / Vitamin C is one of the oldest and most trusted immune stimulants and also helps Beta Glucan to be more effective. Grape Seed Extract and Grapefruit Seed Extracts are potent immune stimulants and anti-oxidants.


A nutritional aid in the management of disease conditions in pigeons where the immune system is compromised e.g. Circo virus, Adeno virus (Young Bird Diarrhoea) and Paramyxo virus. Medimune tablets is thus ideally suited to aid in the treatment of the Young Bird Disease complex.

Recommendations for use:

Medimune tablets should be dosed to all pigeons suffering from infectious diseases. It is dosed at a dosage of one tablet per 400 – 500 g bodyweight once per day. It is recommended that pigeons be dosed for 10 days continuously as soon as disease symptoms are noted.

It may also be dosed to valuable pigeons as soon as a disease outbreak appears to try and prevent these pigeons from contracting the disease. It is strongly recommended that all pigeons returning from a race be dosed with one Medimune tablet the evening after returning from a race to stimulate the immune system and prevent pigeons from contracting diseases that they were exposed to in the basket.


Each tablet contains:

B-Carotene 10% - 2.5 mg

Kelp - 20 mg

L-Glutathione - 2,5 mg

Thioctic Acid - 5 mg

MSM - 2,5 mg        

Spirulina - 20 mg

Vitamin B1 - 1,5 mg

Vitamin B12 Crystalline - 0,01 mg

Vitamin B2 - 0,5 mg

Vitamin B3 - 3,5 mg

Vitamin B5 - 1 mg

Vitamin B6 - 0,5 mg

Vitamin E 50% - 2,5 mg


Description of active ingredients:

Thioctic Acid is a potent liver protectant. Medpet has proved the fact that Thioctic Acid protects the liver against toxins and the harmful effects of antibiotic treatment in earlier studies in pigeons. Glutathione is an amino acid that is extremely important to help the liver in detoxifying substances taken in. It is thus one of the main liver protectants and detoxifiers. MSM, a natural Sulphur supplying molecule aids the liver in another way by ridding the body from unwanted toxins. It has the added advantage that it maintains healthy joint function, improves feather quality and has a natural anti-flammatory action. Spirulina and Kelp are two natural substances found in the ocean. They contain a multitude of beneficial vitamins, trace elements and even some unknown nutrients that have been found to be extremely beneficial to health and especially liver support. Beta-carotene is converted by the body into Vitamin A, and unlike Vitamin A does not have any toxic effects. It aids the liver as an antioxidant and has many other beneficial effects. Vitamin E is one of the most potent natural antioxidants and acts in conjunction with the above elements to protect and heal liver tissue. Finally, Lewerstim tablets contain Mega-doses (very high levels) of Vitamin B complex. The addition of higher than needed dose levels of Vitamin B has been proven to be extremely beneficial to pigeon health and performance. The beneficial effects seen are especially those of acting as co-factors for other liver protectants.


A nutritional aid for use in pigeons where the liver function is compromised. As an aid in treating and preventing liver disease in pigeons. As an aid in restoring optimal liver function and detoxifying before and after races.

Recommendations for use:

Lewerstim tablets should be dosed to all pigeons suffering from liver diseases. It is advised to use a dosage of one tablet per 400 – 500 g bodyweight once per day. It is recommended that pigeons be dosed for 10 days continuously as soon as disease symptoms are noted.

It should also be dosed daily to any pigeons receiving antibiotic treatment for more than 3 days. It is strongly recommended that pigeons be dosed with a Lewerstim tablet on the evening of basketing and again on the day of return from the races. This will ensure optimum liver function during and after the race.


The addition of Medimune and Lewerstim tablets to Medpet’s extensive range of pigeon products will further ensure healthier and better performing pigeons for fanciers using Medpet products. Medpet has developed these two tablets after careful ongoing research. It contains some of the newest innovations in the natural treatment and prevention of diseases in pigeons. This is in line with Medpet’s strategy of using conventional medication in conjunction with natural medicines to ensure optimum health and performance of our feathered friends.

To obtain a copy of Dr. Botha’s article on “Understanding, preventing and treating Young Bird Disease in pigeons” please keep an eye out for the June edition of the SA & World Pigeon News. This article explains how to use Lewerstim and Medimune tablets in the prevention and treatment of this dreaded disease syndrome in pigeons.

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