Crop Canker (Tricomoniasis) has become the leading cause of poor performance in racing pigeons. The incidence of the disease is steadily rising. More and more pigeon fanciers are becoming aware of the problem because they are regularly having their pigeons tested at the vet. It is becoming clear to vets and pigeon fanciers that some pigeons carry resistant strains of Crop-Canker that is not being controlled by any of the conventional Crop Canker medications.

Research proved conclusively that the problem of resistance to currently available medication was a world wide problem. Because Crop Canker is a true sub clinical disease that will often have no specific clinical signs and because racing pigeons are constantly in contact with other pigeons it is impossible to eradicate Trichomonas. To perform well in pigeon racing the fancier is forced to medicate regularly against Trichomonas in order to reduce the incidence in his lofts. The use of single day medication against Trichomonas is popular as it saves time and is often more affordable to the fancier. Although some single day medications are still very effective the use of these products do play a significant role in the development of resistant Trichomonas.

Currently all the Crop Canker medications are derived from the same group of medicines - this enhances the potential for cross-resistance between medications. This means that if a certain Trichomonas organism is resistant to one Crop Canker product the chances that it will be partially or totally resistant against the other product are very high.

Super resistant Trichomonas strains:

Since late 1990 super resistant strains of Trichomonas started appearing. These are the strains of Trichomonas found in some lofts that cannot be effectively be controlled by any product on the market today. Pigeons would be treated against Crop Canker with a previously effective product. After treatment the microscopic analysis would confirm that there was a marginal decrease in the Trichomonas count but within 7 10 days the count would rise again dramatically.

During 2002 Medpet became aware that these super resistant Trichomonas were increasing worldwide. The technical people at Medpet focused all their research on this extremely concerning problem. More than 15 different drugs and different drug dosages were used to try and eliminate these super resistant Trichomonas organisms. All of these failed. Invariably the organisms would appear again after 7 10 days.

In September 2003 the researchers finally found that a combination of two Crop Canker medications administered in a special long release tablet was effective in totally eradicating the super resistant Trichomonas organisms .

Further research showed that this combination tablet RONSEC TABLETS - was effective in eradicating other super resistant Trichomonas strains and was safe even when dosed at 5 x the recommended dose.

Medpet believes that for now they have the product available to kill the terrible Super resistant Trichomonas strains...

...RONSEC TABLETS, available from your pigeon dealer by 15 June 2004!

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