Keep those cage birds happy and healthy – Top Treatment Tips


Since it’s inception in 1988, Medpet has been a world leader in the research, development and production of premium, avian health products. The Medpet range of avian and pigeon products is extensive, covering all the aspects of avian health care, including cage birds (not just racing pigeons).


Take a look at these tips for tackling typical diseases… 


Ecto-parasites (mites ands lice)

Avian Insect Liquidator is exceptionally safe and also inhibits the insects’ life cycle by preventing eggs from hatching and larvae and pupae from developing further. Spray directly on birds as well as in the aviaries and in nest boxes (before eggs are laid). May also be used to spray around the aviaries to prevent ants and other insects from passing on Tapeworm to birds. Also useful during Pox outbreaks to control mosquitoes.


Scaly Face (Knemidocoptes) and Tracheal mites

Scaly Face Mites and Tracheal Mites affect budgies and canaries respectively. In the past these were very difficult conditions to treat. Now it is as easy as placing a few drops of Scatt behind the birds’ head on the skin of the neck. Treatment is repeated every 10 – 14 days until symptoms disappear.


Internal parasites (verminosis)

Worms are a common cause of disease, emaciation and poor fertility. Mediworm Powder is a true broad-spectrum avian dewormer. It contains Pyrantel and Praziquantel in a special, easy to mix base. It may be mixed into the birds food or crop dosed. Mediworm powder is exceptionally safe and may be used in all avian species, even water birds and chickens and may even be used during the breeding season. Unlike most other dewormers it has no effect on feather growth and may also be used during the molt.


Trichomoniasis (Crop canker)

Trichomonas is a protozoon infection causing an ingluvites of the crop and is mostly seen in Budgies and Lorikeets. Medizole is a high potency Ronidazole specifically registered for use in pigeons and cage birds. It may also be used in the treatment of Giardia and Hexamita infections. Medpet has also pioneered Ronsec tablets – the first of their kind in the world: combination tablets (Ronidazole and Secnidazole) in a slow release base that are effective against hyper-resistant strains of Trichomonas in pigeons.



Coccidiosis is a commonly found carrier disease that reduces the birds’ resistance and fertility. Alternating the use of Medicox powder and Coximed tablets ensures optimal efficacy and reduces resistance to drugs.


Salmonella and other intestinal infections

Diarrhoea, acute deaths, infertility, early chicks mortality and poor health in general may all be due to a low grade Salmonella or E.coli infection. Mediprim, the high potency Trimethoprim powder is the ideal, safe and effective treatment for gastrointestinal bacteria and may safely be used during the breeding season. Entero-Plus is an avian specific probiotic with an avian strain of beneficial bacteria.



Chlamydia is extremely common as a carrier disease in birds. It is imperative to treat preventatively twice a year with Doxybiotic. When treating ill birds Psittavet Injectable is advised. If using Doxybiotic use 5 grams per litre of drinking water and 5 grams per kg of soft food for 45 days, always combining with Entero-Plus, the avian specific strain probiotic. Single cage birds may be treated with Doxybiotic-S, specifically formulated to treat single cage birds.



Mycoplasma is one of the primary causes of upper respiratory disease in canaries and Ghouldians. Mycoplasma may also be transmitted via the egg and cause infertility or early death of chicks in the egg or in the nest. The unique combination of antimicrobials in Longstim will prevent this.


Vitamin and mineral deficiencies

Premolt 5 is uniquely formulated, as a total supplement for single cage birds. It contains vitamins, mineral, trace elements and amino-acids. Premolt 5 is also indicated for birds that show a tendency for feather plucking. African Grey’s tend to develop a calcium deficiency if fed only on seeds. Calcibird is a calcium, Vit D3 and Magnesium specifically for birds that may be added to the bird’s drinking water twice a week. It should also be used in all breeding birds three times a week. The addition of Plume-Plus oil to birds’ seed twice per week will supply essential fatty acids and improve plumage.