MEDPET launches MEDI-BREW herbal tea

August 2014

When developing a product, there are many variables to take into account.  For example, whilst more is not always necessarily better, logic would suggest that a higher quantity of a certain ingredient could make a difference in that product's performance; however, depending on the individual ingredient, it may also make a significant impact on the cost of the product.  The same can be true of the quality of ingredient selected: one source or grade may be perfectly adequate; another source of the same ingredient may be better, but a lot more costly.  How does one weigh up these factors to achieve the correct balance? 

MEDPET has just launched MEDI-BREW herbal tea for pigeons, and after some careful decision making and testing, we think we have once again got the balance right with this product.  In keeping with MEDPET's general approach, MEDI-BREW has been designed as a premium product, meaning that, where possible, and within reason, we have opted for the best ingredients and combinations despite the cost. 

For example, in certain instances, various parts of a particular plant could be used in a herbal tea - such as the leaves, the berries, or the bark; but the berries of that plant may be more costly - yet contain better properties - than the other parts.  This example gives a small glimpse of some of the factors taken into account with the development of MEDI-BREW, and gives some insight as to what makes it a premium product.

There is an old adage that goes "You get what you pay for", and we believe this to be the case with MEDPET's products.  This is one of the reasons that pigeon fanciers keep coming back to the MEDPET brand.  So go ahead and brew up some MEDI-BREW for your birds; we hope you will be satisfied with the results.

See the MEDI-BREW benefit table below.

Medi-Brew benefit table - herbal tea, good, better, best


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