Gary Daykin, regular Medpet user in UK, gets great results...

Gary Daykin, a well known and highly respected pigeon fancier in the UK (see his profile at the bottom), uses most of Medpet's range of pigeon products.  Gary, or members of his team, send us some updates by email of his latest results from time to time ...


Results update sent to us in September 2012

"Gary Daykin's last race of the season was spectacular, taking 2nd Open and 1st Section, Midland National Flying Club from Carentan France, 3,434 birds competing."


Results update from July 2012

"The 2012 season is well under way. Results so far :
Midland National Flying Club
Carentan Old Bird, 38th & 39th Open position from 5603 birds
Fougeres Old Birds ( Queen's Diamond Jubilee Race ), 21st & 49th Open position from 5403 birds
Tours Old Birds, 27th Open position from 3901 birds"


Results update from July 2011

 "Midlands National Flying Club ( MNFC )
Tours 2nd July 2011
4,509 birds competing
Gary Daykin was 27th Open, 1st North East Section and 7th Yearling Classic
He was also 50th Open, 3rd , 13th Section and 7th, 15th Yearling Classic
Another great team performance"

Results update from June 2011

"20 June, 2011, more news:

Midlands National Flying Club ( MNFC )
Fougeres 11th June 2011.
5,903 birds competing.
Gary Daykin was 11th Open, 1st Section, 6th Yearling Classic plus winner of a Mediterranean Cruise.
He was also 4th, 5th and 8th Section. 10th, 12th Yearling Classic
A remarkable team performance"


Results, May 2011


South-East wind in the channel and Southerly wind in the UK ensured that practically all the top positions were taken on the western side of the country.

However I am delighted to report that my birds performed out of their skin taking 1st, 3rd and 13th section(I) and 51st open out of 8000+ birds.

My 1st bird led the section by an incredible 60ypm and was one of only two birds to break the dominance of sections K & L in the first 50 birds.


As if the above is not enough, here's why Medpet is proud to have Gary using our products ... Brief Profile of Gary Daykin from Nottingham, UK
The national winning loft of Gary Daykin is considered one of the top racing lofts in the UK. In the nineties Gary’s dominance at club and federation level was breath-taking…
In 1995, 1996 and 1997 alone Gary won 105 x 1st prizes, 92 x 2nd prizes, 2 x gold medals and 2 x silver medals. He also, on no less than 16 occasions, took the first 3 positions in the federation and on occasions the first 9 positions, competing against 3000+ birds.
Gary’s dominance was so phenomenal that he decided to cease club and federation competition and concentrate solely on national flying. In 1998 in his very first ever national race Gary took 1st and 2nd open against 5600 birds.
Since then he has won 9 nationals plus many more minor positions, 5 gold medals, 9 silver medals and 2 new cars.  It is safe to say that his record marks him out as a true champion.


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