Counterfeit imitations of MEDPET products reported

January 2015

On certain pages of our MEDPET website, and also via other methods, we have over the years warned MEDPET customers to be aware of cheap imitations and counterfeit products, that attempt to pass themselves off as genuine MEDPET products.

This is not a case of paranoia or scaremongering, and nor does it only happen in foreign countries like some people may expect.  We have had experiences with unscrupulous individuals producing counterfeit products right here on our doorstep in South Africa, and now we've have just had another reported incident from Turkey.

Have a look at these pictures sent to us by a concerned customer (who may be congratulated for being alert).  Compare the counterfeit product on the left, to the genuine one on the right.  Similar wording has been used, and they've attempted to match the hierarchy of the branding and label content, but hopefully you can spot some of the differences.  No doubt the differences would also be more obvious if one actually had the product in hand, but we can (for example) very easily see the difference (even in these low resolution images) between the fine and detailed artwork of the genuine racing pigeon logo on the right (one that we are proud of), compared to what appears to be a photocopy of a pigeon in a similar pose creating a rather lower quality image on the left.  That's just the image.  We are proud of our brand and know our branding identity well, so we can immediately spot glaring differences on every single line of the label.  We won't spell them out, but can you?

Counterfeit Mediprim
Genuine Mediprim

Counterfeit products such as these are not to be taken lightly.  This is not a case of a well-made cheap imitation of an expensive brand of handbag, where a lesser quality might mean an inconvenience from a functionally or aesthetically inferior product.  In our case we are dealing with pharmaceuticals - medicines intended to cure, or treatments intended to bring relief.  A counterfeit in this industry could not only mean that the health problem does not get resolved, but it could actually cause harm or even death.

This is highly unfortunate, not only for the individuals and/or animals involved, but also, when people don't realise that the products used were counterfeits, it puts the company's reputation at risk.

We strongly urge all MEDPET customers to be alert to this issue.  If something doesn't look right, get in touch with us.  Clearly we would do all in our power to have the matter investigated and seek justice against the perpetrators, but that will not undo a problem you've experienced by using a counterfeit.


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