May 2018
Dr Rob Conradie

The current problems that we are experiencing with Candida
By Dr Rob Conradie

It is well known that Candida is found:

• After prolonged use of antibiotics.
• Secondary to many virus infections especially Young bird disease.
• After long periods of stress.
• When products containing a high percentage of “sugar” are fed.

Over the past few years we have been finding increasing problems with Candida after Canker treatment.

Treatment and Prevention

• Candida can be prevented to a certain extent with the regular use of probiotics like Enteroplus especially after the use of antibiotics and Canker medication.
• During the race season when birds are being given antibiotics, Canker medication and being subjected to tremendous stress we find the highest incidence of Candida from July onwards, as a result of these three factors. As a prevenative treatment use Medistatin on the food for two days early in the week. Sunday and Monday or Monday and Tuesday for example.
• When Candida has been confirmed by microscopic examination or is strongly suspected give a 5 to 7 day course of Medistatin. It is not absorbed from the intestine, making it safe to use. It does not damage the liver, kidneys etc.

For more information on Candida and other pigeon diseases, see our previous article on Common Avian Diseases.  



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